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Georgia's rich forest lands are made up of a variety of forest types and are a big component of the many diverse ecosystems found in the state. There are five physiographic regions in Georgia - the Appalachian Plateau, Ridge and Valley Region, Blue Ridge Region, Piedmont Region, and the Upper and Lower Coastal Plain Region. These different regions support an abundance of tree species, with approximately 250 native tree species occurring in the state.

Roughly two-thirds of Georgia is forested, and the state's forested acreage has remained constant, between 23 and 25 million acres, since the 1950's. More than 92 percent of Georgia's forests are privately owned and Georgia boasts more private acres of forest land than any other state in the nation. Georgia's forests are about half hardwood forest types and half pine type. More specific information can be found on GFC's forest inventory & analysis page.

Sound management ensures that Georgia's 25-million acres of forest land remains healthy and intact. The Georgia Forestry Commission's Forest Management team offers landowners a variety of professional services that support a vigorous and productive forest landscape. More information about these GFC services can be found by clicking on the links below.

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